Meet Your Maker

A lot of us have that old barbershop that our dads or granddads took us. I grew up going to Don at Charlie's Barbershop. I always enjoyed it there, and I went for nearly 2 decades. Whenever I moved out of town, I would orchestrate my visits home to coincide with getting a haircut. No matter how long it was in between cuts, Don always remembered what was going on with me the time before. That was something that always stuck with me; just chatting about life, with a fella who was as almost as old as my granddad.

That's what I try to provide for my clients; some of whom were very trusting friends in the early days, some who started as complete strangers. While I typically try not to take my work home with me, I don't really mind all that much when I'm basically chatting with friends all day. It isn't always easy, of course, otherwise everyone would do it. It was 2010 when I finally took the leap and went to hair school. There were a lot of obstacles I had to overcome, but I kept my head down and persevered. 

With a brief, not so passionate dabble in women's hair, I realized that it was men's hair cutting styling that I had the passion for.

I left the salon to work at a barbershop for someone else. This is where I was able to hone my skills and abilities. It took me 4 years to build my clientele there and eventually I started thinking about the next step. I had talked to other people in the industry; you know, because we all know each other. The next logical thing to do was to have a place that would be mine. Getting in the barber business isn't going to make you wealthy by any means. I suppose it could, if you own a chain, and have several people working for you, but then you are doing it for the wrong reason. Keeping that in mind, how was I going to create my own space? Well, it started as a thought that turned into a conversation; a conversation with some friends, that led to a lot more chatting, which led to more talking, which led to a partnership, which brings you Parlor Thirteen.

Parlor Thirteen is a no bullshit, cash only, one man shop; ran by me, Jay Brown. I specialize in Men's haircuts; new and old. While I keep myself educated, I believe it is important to honor the classics as well. Do you want a high-­n-­tight or a low tapered gentlemen's cut? Mohawk? Flattop? Clean up your beard? I'll sort you out! No color, no buns, no bullshit; just good, clean cuts! See you soon!